Made in Cape Town, South Africa

The Beaucience  Quality Skin Care Products made in South Africa. We are proud of the fact that our natural products from South Africa are produced in a Soil Association approved manufacturing laboratory.  This places our quality amongst the top South African skin care brands and the top UK brands.


We believe we are amongst the best face care products in South Africa


As we produce natural skin care in South Africa using natural ingredients – some unique to South Africa. These natural skin care products have been formulated for the South African skin that needs to cope with extreme environmental conditions that other countries may not experience.

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Natural skin care products in South Africa

Many South Africans want to buy natural, organic and local products, not just because it is better for the environment but because they are less expensive. They also know supporting local business helps create jobs. We thank you South Africans for this and in return will provide you with the best paraben free, toxin free, petroleum free safe skin care products.

Natural beauty inspired by the pea