Beaucience for Men has been designed to be a simple, unique, specialised skin care range that treats the needs of a man’s skin.

Men have a natural extra anti-ageing defense in thicker layers of skin, larger pores and more oil glands. Nevertheless, a proper skin care regime is still needed to delay the effects of skin ageing, reduce discomfort and result in an attractive appearance.
Every product is uniquely formulated to provide a man’s skin with natural essentials for healthy skin. Added to the anti-ageing benefits, the men’s products also provide antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, healing, calming and de-sensitising properties.

This is achieved by the incorporation of unique blends of natural extracts such as organic willow bark, organic green tea and pure oils such as witch hazel, tea tree and sandalwood. Beaucience for men results in a functional and hygienic skin care regime. Products are packed in powerful, functional and confident packaging that is kind to the environment.

Mens Collection: